Groups and Classes

Discover a vibrant community to enrich your journey or delve into captivating classes to expand your knowledge across a plethora of subjects.

Life Groups 

Join our dynamic Life Groups! Explore weekly gatherings featuring a structured curriculum,  always centered around the Bible. With engaging lecture-style sessions and welcoming discussion formats, it's simple for newcomers to join anytime. Discover your perfect fit by exploring the unique "flavors" of various groups.

Connection Classes 

Engage with our vibrant Connection Classes! These weekly gatherings offer seasonal excitement, with breaks for winter and summer. Dive into captivating Bible studies crafted by diverse authors, covering a range of intriguing topics. Whether it's book- or video-based, each study spans 4-12 weeks before transitioning to an exciting new theme. Led by engaging moderators, discussions are at the heart of these groups. Embrace the flexibility to participate at any time, though the beginning of a fresh study is often preferred.

Connection Classes have paused for summer and will resume in August, check back soon for more information.


Discover the power of D-Groups! These intimate gatherings of 6-8 individuals meet weekly or bi-weekly, fostering mutual encouragement and spiritual growth in pursuit of Jesus Christ. Members share triumphs and struggles, fostering deep connections. What sets D-Groups apart is their focus on intense spiritual growth and multiplication. Designed for short-term commitment (1 to 2 years), members then launch new D-Groups, perpetuating the cycle of growth and mentorship.

Prayer Groups

These groups unite while serving in ministry areas, meeting regularly for devotions, prayer, and fellowship. In times of need, they double as caring support networks. Led by either the ministry area leader or a team member, leadership roles can rotate, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and empowerment.

Jen Farmer

Ministry & Missions Assistant
Any questions? Look for Jen or Jeff on Sunday mornings, or drop them a quick email and they will be happy to help!

 Jeff Armstrong

Executive / Teaching Pastor