A 500 seat chapel will serve the traditional service, weddings, funerals, language community services, CFCA Chapel, programs and special worship events. This chapel will be constructed on the western edge of the cross courtyard in the current location of the office building. The office building will be removed in the spring of 2019. The chapel will have ample bathroom facilities, state of the art sound, lighting, and video technology, a beautiful foyer, an expansive porch, a bridal room, choir loft, and paved parking adjacent to the grass parking lot.

Our current worship center will be transformed into a 1,150 seat contemporary worship center. This transformation includes construction of a completely renovated worship room, a new 4000 sq. ft. foyer, restrooms, and church offices. Not only will the interior be a complete renovation, but the exterior will undergo a total transformation.

Upon completion of the chapel and worship center renovation, the church will have dedicated worship space for both styles of worship. We will also have the capability of having two services simultaneously with differing styles of music.

A complete renovation of the Champions building will create a new fellowship hall, kitchen, a second floor consisting of 7 classrooms, a new foyer, and a 750 bleacher seat gymnasium with new locker rooms.

Why should we build the Next Campaign?

Our church exists to lead all people to know Christ, to grow in Christ, and to go for Christ. This project will allow us to fulfill our mission.

Next Level Stewardship

The Next Campaign is cost effective. This project maximizes our existing buildings and facilities while minimizing our expenses to construct worship space. This project enables our church to reach our community. We have proven during these fifteen years that we can manage a low level of debt. Now is the time for our most important project ever. We need dedicated worship space.

Next City

We must reach more people so that we can send more people to the mission fields of the world. Jesus called us to care about the next city: “But He said to them, ‘Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also because for this purpose I have come forth’” (Mark 1:38). The resources for the missions are in the harvest. We need the NEXT Campaign so that we can reach this city and go to the next city.

Next Generation

We must accomplish the Next Campaign because we are called to provide a legacy for the next generation. In Psalm 22, David wrote about the work of the coming Messiah producing something for the next generation: “A posterity shall serve Him. It will be recounted of the Lord to the next generation” (Psalm 22:30). God has called us to leave a legacy that will outlive us. Now is the time.

Why should we build the Next Campaign?

We can complete the Next Campaign with the involvement of every member of Church at the Cross. We need everyone to pray, to give, to serve, and to go to help complete the vision the Lord has given us. I am calling everyone to get involved. Now is the time!

This 20 – 24 month construction period is divided into three projects: the chapel, the contemporary worship center, and the Champions building.

With this $4.5 – $5 million project and two years of giving, we would keep our debt to $4 million or less. The Next Campaign is doable for our ministry.

How is this going to be possible? The answer is with every church member participating. This project is our project. It is time for us to have designated worship space. It is time for us to make a commitment to see this project completed. We ask, therefore, for every member of the church to make a two-year commitment to the building fund on Sunday, March 3, over and above their tithes and regular giving, so that the Next Campaign can be accomplished.

The pastor, the building committee, the finance committee, the trustees, the pastors and the deacons recommend to the church that we approve the construction of these three projects beginning in March of 2019 and to use funds given to the building fund to reduce the debt. The debt will not exceed $4 million.

2019 will be an incredible opportunity to build, to give, to pray, and to serve. Let us all join together to see God work in Church at the Cross to reach our city.

A Word From Our Other Pastors

Our Moment Sunday – March 3rd