Wess brings us a Cowboy & Western Christmas theme. His musical style is reminiscent of Gene Autry, Eddy Arnold and Danny Gaither, mixing retro in an up-to-date style that is current in Southern Gospel Country. The lyrics proclaim eternal truths that bring an understanding and call for a closer walk with the Lord. Wess will lead us to focus on our relationship with the Christ of Christmas. We will feel like kids all over again. This will be one of those Legacy meetings that will be talked about for weeks to come, so don’t miss the blessing. I thinking this would be a great time to wear your Cowboy Hats with maybe a little Mistletoe attached. Along with our Cowboy Christmas, we’re going to settle back for an outstanding Christmas Dinner. We will enjoy all the special food you might expect along with some absolutely scrumptious desserts. The only thing missing will be a prayer of Thankgiving and we will offer that prayer just before we eat. Don’t forget to sign up at the events table so we know how many meals to have our caterer to prepare. This is going to be sooo amazing!!!