Shawn Muir is such a sweetheart of a man.  He’s been blind from birth, yet has a wonderful sweet spiritual insight.  His ability allows him to play the piano in an outstanding manner and his musical recall is amazing.  The audience can call out old songs and he just plays them from memory.  It seems that when someone has a loss of on ability, such as sight, God enhances their other senses.  Shawn is no different.  He has a remarkable ability with dates.  It’s hard to explain…so you need to just come and see what we’re talking about…and again you will be amazed.  Shawn usually loves to play the old love songs, so today will be a special time to reach back in time and remember when……  He remembers people and their birthdays so plan to be here so he can renew his friendship with you.  I know you will just love this day with Shawn and the old “Show Tunes.”