What a Legacy!!!  This family has been making and singing great music for years.  If you’ve watched The Gaither Home coming videos, you’ve heard “God on the Mountain”.  Well…Tracy Dartt wrote that song along with hundreds more.  They sing their original songs and the top gospel groups around the country sing the songs they write as well.  You can hear the story of their life by watching the movie made about their life titled, “The God on the Mountain Legacy.” So put your shoes on, pick yourself up off the couch and come on down to The Legacy Adults today and enjoy some great Gospel music with the pioneers of the faith.  You’re going to laugh as you hear, “Did David Dance the Pokka?” and many more of the great songs by this extraordinarily gifted family of singers.  They typically only make the tour into Florida once a year so don’t miss your opportunity to see, hear and enjoy The Dartts one more time.