This is going to be different.  Trevor Thomas has been touring America creating characters that people can laugh at, cry with, and learn from.  He is known throughout the country by his nickname, “Mr. Drama.”   He has worked professionally in theater, commercials, television, and film.  Trevor keeps up with a schedule of approximately 180 engagements each year.  He can be seen at churches, concerts, and various special events.  In each appearance, theater, comedy, music, and evangelism collide along with Broadway, Shakespeare, it’s like Carol Burnett meets Billy Graham.  Trevor and his family merge their talents in a combination of music, monologues, poems, sketches, and mime.  Everything varies from funny to serious; however, all of their material is worshipful, evangelistic, and edifying for the church.  It is an unforgettable worship experience for the believer and a picture of salvation for the lost.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is always the theme!