Richard Kiser is simply amazing!!! This man can make a guitar talk. No….Really….he can make a guitar talk!!! He is a solo finger-style guitarist who has devoted his talent to Jesus Christ. He has played backup to many of the great stars of our time, but he excels as he plays solo and you see his incredible talent. He travels all over the country ministering to all ages playing many different styles of Gospel music and sharing his testimony. Richard is in a “full time” ministry and travels with his wife Esther. His many venues range from the huge churches platforms and the grand concert halls to special events at the small venues His style of music ranges from southern gospel to contemporary Christian; praise and worship to traditional hymns and even some secular music. BUT……every crowd loves it when he brings out his guitar made from an automobile muffler and begins to play up a storm….then smoke starts pouring out of the tail pipes. Now that’s what I’m talking about…that’s entertainment.