You’ve seen Miss Lillie on most every Gaither Homecoming video made. She is going to “Rock Your World” with songs like “O Happy Day” and “Amen”. Many people call her the Hat Lady because of the many different hats she wears at the concerts. She gets so excited when she sings about her Savior and it is so infectious as we all enjoy the worship and excitement of the day. You may wish to purchase one of her many CD’s or DVD’s, but I’m sure the ladies will enjoy looking at her line of jewelry. We love her concerts and welcome her back to our stage here at FBC Central Florida. We’ve had her before, but this is the first time we’ve had her for a Christmas concert. This is going to be sooooo good!!! I would encourage you to call some of your friends who watch the Gaither Homecoming videos and let them know Miss Lillie’s gonna be in the house.