You may remember Roy when he was a bass singer for the Statesmen Quartet back in 1993.  Long-time Gospel singer Roy Pauley will be  in concert with inspiring music this week along with his wife, Amy.  Roy is known nationally for his column in “The Singing News magazine.  For the past 26 years his column, in which he regularly gives credit to the legends and pioneers of Gospel music, is read monthly by an estimated half a million Gospel music enthusiasts.  Over the past 15 years, Roy has been a been a guest soloist on several of Bill Gaither’s Homecoming concerts, plus he has been featured on two of Gaither’s popular videos- “Something Beautiful” and “Singing With The Saints”’

Roy and Amy live right here in Central Florida and are often seen at the various concerts in the area.  Come make them feel at home and enjoy some of that good old,… low down…… bass music.  I know you’ll be blessed!