Larry Ford is a Grammy award winning tenor .  If you’ve seen a Bill Gaither Homecoming video….then you’ve seen Larry Ford.  I think he’s been on every one of them and you will remember his amazing high tenor voice.  He has become closely associated with gospel favorites like, Little is Much When God is In It, Sing of My Redeemer, Follow Me and O, What a Savior.  He’s in high demand, but he’s always been willing to join us here at Legacy.  Some may know that at one time he was a pastor at an Ocoee area church.  You’re going to hear some of your favorites today from the Homecoming videos and you’ll also hear some new songs from Larry’s latest album.  I know you’ll want to meet him in person and have him sign your CD, so don’t miss this…it’s another wonderful day at the Legacy Adults.  This would be a great day to invite a friend who needs a blessing….isn’t it amazing how when you try to bless someone else…you always receive a blessing?