Hello Church family,

Church at the Cross continues to lift high the cross in our city in the midst of the worst pandemic in more than a century. Jesus promises that the gates of Hell would not prevail against His church. While we have not been able to meet in a public meeting these past two weeks, we have engaged many souls and worshiped from our homes. This past Sunday, 3086 devices were watching our live stream, nearly triple from the previous week. You invited many people to join the live broadcast and it worked. Invite more family and friends to watch this week! Our technology, productions, and communications team have done an amazing job in this time.
This week we are launching a new mid-week livestream at 7:30 PM on Wednesday night. I will be teaching the Bible, leading us in prayer, and focusing our hearts on the One True God who reigns in the midst of this storm. Join us for a Mid-week service via our Facebook (@catcorlando) page.
Our adult and student Life Groups are finding creative ways to meet using Zoom, Facebook live, phone calls, etc. God is building our faith during this crisis. God’s word secures us and settles our hearts in the midst of this fiery trial. Our Preschool and Children’s ministries are sending out Life Group videos and study guides that can be used by families.
Giving Update
Last week our offerings declined by 50% compared to regular giving. The pandemic has affected all of us. The finance committee voted to reduce our budget by 43% for the quarter ending June 30. The church will not spend more than what you give. We have furloughed some staff members through June 30. Everyone has taken a pay cut. We have closed most of the buildings. Our gatherings on campus have stopped while we wait for the pandemic to pass. Additionally, we are working to dry-in the new building and cease construction until the church can meet on-campus again.
We have taken bold steps to ensure the long-term financial and spiritual health of the congregation. We need you to be faithful to give. You can mail your gift to 700 Good Homes Rd, Orlando, Fl 32818 or text GIVE to 407-904-8100 or give online at www.catcorlando.com. Pray for our staff. They are amazing, incredible people. These days will pass!
Finally, we do not know how long this will last. We want to hear from you. You can contact us at hello@catcorlando.com, text CONNECT to 407-904-8100, or call us at 407-293-4571. If you need anything, then reach out to us. We love you all.
In Christ, 
Clayton Cloer, Senior Pastor