Comfort Kits

We are partnering with Florida Baptist Childrens Home and One More Child’s anti-trafficking team to provide comfort kits to women who have been rescued from trafficking. We will have a collection day on Sunday, June 21st. We want our people to be creative as possible but we are providing a list of IDEAS for them. If they are unable to donate items we will accept monetary donations in the form of gift cards to Walmart and Target and we will go out at purchase items. If they want to make a full basket we would love that, however, if they are only able to donate individual items that is wonderful as well.  


List of Potential Items


  • Journals
  • Adult coloring books
  • Colored pencils or gel pens
  • Lotions that smell nice
  • Anything soft (i.e. fuzzy socks, fluffy robes, etc.)
  • Squishmallows
  • Sensory items like fidget spinners, stress balls, etc.
  • Headphones
  • Nail polish, facial masks and other skincare type stuff (no razors please)
  • CD’s that play calming sounds like waterfalls or the sounds of the ocean
  • Things with inspirational quotes or books
  • Handmade items