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Ignite Preteen Ministry exists to ignite 5th and 6th graders hearts for the gospel of Christ and challenge them to live out their faith on a daily basis. The purpose of the ministry is to help transition your preteen from the children’s ministry to the student ministry and to help take their faith to that next level.


Life Groups (Small Group Bible Study) – 10:00 am
Jr. Church – 11:15 am


Various Kids Activities (Bible lesson, music, play time, etc.)– 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

All Children’s Ministries meet in the Joy Building (the only 2-level building on our campus)


Upcoming Event:

Preteen students are at the point in their lives where their identity is starting to be shaped. It’s critical that fifth and sixth-grade students have an event geared specifically for them because there are times when they get lost in the transition between elementary and middle school, and yet this is such a critical time that they are being shaped and molded into the people that they’ll be forever. SuperStart! Is a high-energy weekend event in which preteens can learn and grow in their relationships with friends, leaders and most importantly, God.

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